Imagine taking your favourite songs everywhere. This can be made possible by installing a whole house audio system. When you have control over your media files from one centralized source, it makes it really easy to manage your music anywhere in the comfort of your own home. You want clear and high end audio to play for various moods. Here are the types of speakers you choose from for the Performance Audio in San Francisco.

  1. In-ceiling speakers

If you love hosting parties and events, you need a good playlist to keep the good mood rolling. In-ceiling speakers are the best ones to invest in, in this case. These hidden speakers easily blend in with your décor so that it can distribute the sounds evenly. Most of these speakers make the use of wide dispersion technology as well. In other words, the sound waves don’t just go in a single direction. So if a guest is standing under one such speaker, they wouldn’t know the difference anyway. These speakers are great for surround sound and immersive audio.

  1. In-wall speakers

These speakers also stay hidden and blend well with your décor and are ideal for a surround sound system. They are well paired with in-ceiling speakers where they can be installed in three in-wall ones in from of the viewer and two speakers on the side for creating a 5.1 surround sound layout. If you want to create a more immersive and powerful auditory experience, then you can install the in-wall speakers in a media room for intensifying the sounds like in ceiling fixtures would.

  1. Cabinet speakers

If you are not into hidden speakers and are more inclined to the traditionally visible ones, then you can buy these two. You just need to have the cabinets ready to fit these speakers in nicely. These speakers can be really stylish and amazing, they blend in with your décor nicely too. They also play high quality audio and can be installed in a similar surround sound fashion as well. You can also get a Mcintosh mr87 am/fm tuner to go with them for a fuller sound experience.

  1. Standing speakers

If you have a media room, you want to listen to top-notch audio every time. In other words, you need to install the best loudspeakers available. As these have a traditional look, you can design your room accordingly. They will become to point-of-focus of your space and will deliver amazing sound well. If you want the best with no objections for the visibility, then standing speakers are the best.

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