Interior and exterior lighting play a major role in creating a warm and inviting ambience, and LED solutions offer the homeowner some creative alternatives to the traditional incandescent light bulbs. LED fittings come in many different styles, with an almost unlimited choice of colours, you can create a subtle and elegant ambience, and with that in mind, here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

  1. Linear Ceiling Lights – Installing LED strips along each side of the ceiling can give your living room a home theatre look, and with dimmer switches, you can adjust the lighting to suit the occasion. Light blue, amber or even lilac are all suitable colours for linear ceiling light fittings, which can be used in conjunction with circular ceiling lighting.
  2. Decorative Lamps – You could select a Moroccan hurricane lantern that emits a warm glow, with a subtle yellow or amber shade, and with online retailers of quality LED home light fittings, you can choose from many tasteful designs.
  3. Designer Chandeliers – Rather than the grand traditional chandelier, you can buy modern LED chandeliers, with the illumination coming from the ends of aluminium stands or chrome strips, the lighting is certainly unique. These types of chandeliers are usually quite light, so there’s no strain on the fittings.
  4. Globe Lighting – Small shiny globes offer an unusual form of lighting, and with a range of LED colours, this is the ideal setting for a romantic dinner for two, with a set of 3-4 globes of varying sizes that hang from the ceiling. If you search online for an established domestic lighting retailer, you can view many fine examples, and when you have found what you are looking for, simply proceed to checkout and a secure online payment completes the purchasing process.
  5. LED Strip Lighting – Perhaps the most stunning and unique of all LED solutions, the LED strips come in a long roll, and with special adhesive tape on the back, they can be cut to the exact size and installed along wall recesses. They look stunning in the kitchen, under the cabinet line and provide more than enough general lighting.

The great thing about LED lighting is the diversity they bring to the home, and with low energy use, you are also reducing your carbon footprint by installing LED lighting. Shop online for the best deals, and with so many styles to choose from, you are bound to find the ideal lighting solutions for every room in the house.












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