Working from home comes with several luxuries. You can roll out of bed and hit the computer without worrying about the traffic and commute. In addition, during downtime, you could get in a quick workout or catch up with the kids.  However, a home office can quickly get taken over or become distracting. To avoid issues, strive to maintain an organized, inviting space. The following are four methods to making your at-home work location productive and motivating.

1. Invest in Functional Furniture

Piecing together random furniture offers functionality. You have somewhere to sit and type. But, for many, the office setting is about more than that. You want a spot that is easy to maneuver and a comfortable area that allows you to move between various tasks.

Purchase a desk with storage space. This selection allows you to house your supplies and files. The faster you expedite your efforts, the more time you have to devote to other interests. In general, the convenience could reduce wasted time looking for items or getting up and moving.

In addition to the desk, seek out a printer station with locking casters. This piece permits for faxing, copying and printing but could also store paper and overflow supplies. If it’s on locking wheels, you can move it close to you during working hours and then store it to the side later in the day.

2. Section Off the Space

Configure the room so that you minimize your time. Place items in close reach that are used often, and house other materials in the closet or drawers if not used frequently. Knowing specific sections permits easy location and cleanup.

In addition, if you meet with clients, have a small conference table set up with chairs. Avoid having people hunch over the computer. Instead, make it an inviting place to greet and discuss business.

When you’re at home, others may invade the business area. Ensure that you have a way to close off the room, limiting noise and intrusions.

3. Add Personal Touches

Make it your place by having personal accessories on the walls or within your room. Do you like essential oils? Use a diffuser to burn your favorite scents. Citrus aromas may boost motivation and energy, while lavenders tend to soothe and calm. Are you into art? Pick out some pieces and have them framed. Hang them up so you can enjoy them. Choose something that reflects you!

Your home office is a chance to knock out work without leaving the house, allowing you to focus on the work-life balance. When designing the room, structure it for functionality, organization and personalization.

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