Home is where the heart is. Since we spend most of our time home, it becomes our sacred sanctuary. Because we link comfort to our homes, home interior plays an integral part. This means that the interior of your house should be such that your home becomes your sacred space, somewhere you feel safe and comforted.

There is always something about a beautiful room or a corner of the house that makes you never want to leave. If you believe your heart and soul lies in your house, we have some tips with the help of which you can spruce up your home interior.

If you are looking forward to revamp your house in sync with the “modern age”, check out our home decor tips that will help you carve an aesthetically pleasing space in your house. With these little tips, transform into a home interior designer yourself.

  1. Play with the colours: We agree that having white walls makes the house look “refined” and “rich”. But when you want to upgrade your home in tune with the trending times, you must not be afraid to play with colours. A splash of bold colours will make your house feel like it’s coming right out of an interior designing magazine. If you still want to paint your walls white, you can add a pop of colour to it such as blue, orange, yellow or even purple to make it aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Add mirrors: You don’t need to call a contractor to break down the walls to make your room bigger. Simply use mirrors to decorate your space, which will automatically make your room appear bigger and lighter. You can place a large mirror either directly across or diagonal from your window so it can reflect natural and artificial light.
  3. Bring on the accessories: Add to the beauty of your house by accessorising your space. You don’t have to go overboard with accessorising because “less is more”. Simply add a stool next to your tub or maybe a nice, tall plant next to your sink. The greenery in the bathroom will make your space appear even more “homey”. When decorating your house with accessories, consider filling in the space with useful objects.
  4. Add texture: Using textiles will make your room aesthetically pleasing. You can use rugs, throw pillows and even cosy blankets to break the monotony of your living room. A Moroccan inspired rug will take your house aesthetic to another level.
  5. Reduce the clutter: Clutter invites in negative energies and you don’t need them in your house. Reduce the clutter in your house, especially in your kitchen or on your dining table. You can have a couple of succulents placed on your kitchen top to make it look fresh, green and nice.
  6. Update your tile: If you don’t want to touch the walls, update your tiles, which will give your home a fresh look. Go for the pearlescent subway tile that is an eye-catching shift from the standard fare.

With these unique yet minimal home improvement ideas, you can revamp your house and bring a fresh change to it.

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