The refrigerator is one of the most daily used electronic home appliances. Households need to store food and prevent it from getting perished. Different types of refrigerators come with distinct and popular features and one of them is Bottom Freezer.

LES Specialistes de l’Electromenager is a company that sells locally manufactured home appliances such as refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher in Quebec. They are determined to reduce CO2 emission with their initiation to recycle and recover used refrigerators and freezers. They have a great deal for the stylish-looking LG LRFWS2200S modeled French door refrigerator.

Advantages of Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

  • Convenient

With the main portion of the refrigerator on top, it is closer to eye level making it easier to reach out to food. The pull out drawer of the freezer allows more items to be stored.

  • Takes up less space

The side-by-side refrigerator takes up a huge house space. But the bottom freezer is comparatively smaller and so fit for limited spaced households or kitchens.

  • Temperature modifying setting

The bottom freezer comes with a pull out drawer for which the temperature can be set differently from the temperature of the main refrigerator. The temperature can be set following what is being stored there.

  • Spacious design

Though it takes little space in your kitchen, it has a spacious design with adjustable shelves, pull out drawer. Unlike other freezers, the bottom freezer has an ice maker in the top section which frees up space for more items to fit in the bottom drawer.

Drawbacks of Bottom Freezer

  • More expensive

The bottom freezer is more expensive in general irrespective of the size, brand. It is not energy efficient either. Your monthly cost of electricity consumption is likely to be high due to its usage.

  • The bottom portion has heavier items

As most of the heavy frozen items go in the bottom compartment, they might be difficult o reach, especially for elders. It requires constant bending and lifting which may result in backaches.

  • Kids access

The kids get to the bottom drawer easily so they might get hurt trying to lift heavy food items. They also can access ice cream and sweet treats easily.


The need for a refrigerator is genuine. Therefore while purchasing a new refrigerator you need to carefully weigh down the costs and benefits of different types of refrigerator or freezer. Get the one that meets your daily requirements.

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