Oats are part of a healthy and well-balanced diet, you can consume them in plain and they are also one of the ingredient lists of different recipes for lunch, breakfast, dinner, and other snacks. The best gluten-free oats are non-GMO and organic, modified genetically foods are banned or controlled in most of the world due to health concerns about the effects on humans. Organic foods are grown without unfavorable herbicides and/ or pesticides because these chemicals can have harmful effects on the body, expanding for years to toxic levels. A lot of people want the taste of oats and people who have is known to have a gluten intolerance can take safely gluten-free oats. If you’re planning to buy gluten-free oats, you can check https://gfoats.com.au/ to understand more about oats.

Know the great reasons why you must choose gluten-free oats and their health benefits 

  • Oats are proven to lessen blood pressure when consumed on a persistent basis. Oats have calcium, fiber, and potassium. Aside from the entrenched cholesterol-lowering powers of potassium, fiber, and calcium have also been proven to naturally reduce blood pressure.
  • Oats are an amazing source of complex carbohydrates giving lots of energy to athletes. Since there aren’t sugars like sugar or processed flour, they endure longer and fuel the body more adeptly.
  • Other bowel issues and constipation can be caused by a fiber deficiency in the diet. Oats being a vital source of fiber can aid to enhance bowel function and aid a person to stay more regular.
  • Oats have plenty of phytochemicals that have been proven to have an anti-cancer effect, especially for cancers that have been on the grow for decades. Such as prostate, colorectal, and hormone-related cancers like ovarian cancer.

Know what to look for when checking food labels of gluten-free oats

Manufacturers can claim voluntarily that their products are gluten-free, yet doing so it makes them accountable for their claims. It may also mean that it follows and meet the requirements of this labeling. Know what to look for when checking food labels that it signifies it is a gluten-free oat.

  • Free of gluten
  • No gluten
  • Gluten-free
  • Without Gluten

Foods with these marks need to have less than 20 parts per million of rye, wheat, barley, and other gluten-containing grains. This number has a lesser level that you can distinguish in foods using recent scientific methods. Anything having these marks must be safe for you to eat.

Tips when buying gluten-free oats

The ideal way to know if the oats you prefer to eat are gluten-free is to carefully check the labels. If you are unsure if the oatmeal you have has no gluten or is gluten-free, don’t consume any until you find out. Some people may occur some reactions to even small amounts only of gluten. You can check the company and verify your certain questions.

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