Even when you know the rules of the hockey game and how to shoot the ball, you cannot play the game once you have your hockey equipment. Playing field hockey, you must have good equipment, like guards, to secure your safety. But when you have not decided which position you have in the game, you must get the standard equipment from Ritual Hockey.


It is a type of shoe you must wear depending on the surface you will play. Cleats are suitable to wear when you play on a grass field. The soles have big studs, allowing for better grip, faster transitions, and fast cuts. But when you play on artificial turf, you like to invest some money in turf shoes with smaller studs with the best grip on artificial turf. However, when you play on an indoor court, the court shoes will be the best as their soles have a good grip for smooth surfaces.

Shin guards

Shin guards in field hockey are not the same as those used in soccer. Using shin guards in field hocket must cover the athlete’s ankle up to the bottom of their knee caps. When you play field hockey, your shins must take the beating from sticks and balls. You will think about investing in a good pair of Shin Guards.


When you cannot play field hockey without a ball. However, when you put it under personal equipment, you must have a unique ball for practice. When you are a starter, you must get a turf ball to method other than a regular practice ball. Field hockey balls are rubber-like, dense, complex, and can travel fast.


The helmet protects your head and face from injury, whereas buying a helmet is apart from how the helmet must fit your head. Visibility when wearing the helmet is essential as a goalie because you always like to see the ball on the field. You must ensure the cage on the helmet is protective.

Left and right-hand protector

A right-hand protector is complex and rounded and fits around the stick. The other hand is flat and stiff, allowing the goalie to stop lifted shots. It will depend on whether you are right or left-handed.


When you use your hockey stick, you must know the grip at the handle wears off right away. It is the usual sight when you buy and change your hand grips once you get into the sport.

Electrical tape

It is practical; when you tape them on the bottom of your stick, it protects your rod from wear and tear. When you are a starter, taping on the bottom of your shaft must help you to stop the ball.

When you have all the necessary equipment, it is best to head out to the field and practice. You must take more training to improve when you like shooting or dribbling drills.

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