Many believe that foot rest is not a must-have accessory for every type of workplace Lack of circulation or movement in the feet can affect your back or legs if you do not have circulation to other parts of the body. Click on this link for more information

Comfortable teardrop shape for multiple usages is purposely designed for the comfort of the feet other than the circulation benefits. It is indifferent, but it maintains the same functions. The various designs that flex back and forth are for you to find one that matches the office décor.

  1. Perfect size for all

You do not have to be shorter to benefit from the improved circulation that comes with the footrest. By reducing pressure on your feet that helps prevent blood clots related to deep thrombosis. You do not have to be tall to benefit from a footrest. The tall users need a footrest for support against back pains and enhance good blood.

Different sizes of feet in terms of shape and size of the feet. Select foot rest with seven inches height between the top surface of the seat pan and under the work surface.

  1. Blood flow and circulation

In an office, one sits for a long time under the desk results in poor blood circulation when feet are in one location for a long time. Blood clots and varicose veins might result from inadequate activity or proper foot rest. The various movements the foot rest provides are swinging, tilting, or swaying. It is handy as it provides a relaxing area that provides the movement of feet in a different location.

The micro-movements of toes, feet, and ankles the blood pooling and encourages venous return. Blood flow increases, thus lowering the chances of leg pain or stiffness of the neck.

  1. Healthy poster

Sitting under the desk for a long time can result in poor body posture, especially when your feet are swinging uncomfortably. It creates discomfort and lots of back pain to the recipient because of poor weight distribution. The foot rest is simple but effective as you move your feet in different locations throughout the day.

  1. Used to benefit the shorter profile

Healthy posters are mainly used to benefit the shorter profile with ergonomic seating without limiting their options. Foot rest is important for the comfort of the shorter profile to keep their feet flat and evenly distributed weight. It encourages workers to have micro-movements to boost their blood circulation. It can be used to relax and flip over and use as a rocker to stimulate your feet. It provides optimal circulation by preventing numbness and discomfort in the legs.

  1. Curvy foot rest

It is to ensure that the feet are always on the ground. It is curvy; these allow the feet to move to and fro, allowing free blood circulation and provide comfort against back pains. As the feet are moved to and fro, the seats do not move.


Foot rest encourages movements of feet and ankles while seated in a static poster. A worker is encouraged to have microenvironments to boost their blood circulation and prevents fatigue. Go to this link and learn more.

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