When you are visiting Thailand, there are many excellent bargains to be had, and the country is well known globally for the high-quality silver jewellery it produces. It is a primary trading centre for finished silver jewellery, with many companies sourcing products to sell from Thailand. If you want to pick up some excellent silver jewellery bargains when you are on holiday in Thailand, below are some tips to help you get the best deal possible for beautiful, high-quality silver jewellery.

Only Visit Reputable Jewellery Sellers

Although there is plenty of high-quality silver jewellery available to buy in Thailand, there is also lower quality items that you will want to avoid if you can. The best way to do this is to find a reputable seller using the internet and visit them when you are in Thailand on holiday. You will want to go to a few different jewellery studios and look at the designs they have available and compare them to decide which one you like best.

Haggle On The Price

Haggling is common in Thailand, and you can haggle over the prices of many products and services when you are there. You can often find that you can get better prices when purchasing more items, so if you see something you like, such as a silver pendant, wholesale prices can be had if you buy more multiple jewellery items at the same time. When haggling, ensure you are not too aggressive and offer too low a price, and it is usually best to ask them for the price first before you try and negotiate a better one.

Bring Along Your Passport

As a tourist in Thailand, you can often enjoy duty-free shopping and save 7% of the total price of what you are looking to purchase. Many companies are members of the Tax Refund for Tourists Scheme, allowing tourists to buy duty-free items, so you will want to look for these stores. You will need to prove you are a tourist in Thailand, so you will need to take your passport for this purpose so you can enjoy a 7% discount on what you are looking to purchase. However, if the jewellery store is not a member of this scheme, you can still claim back the VAT before leaving the country at the airport, and you can find out more information on this by clicking here. You may also need to check if there will be any import duty in your home country, and your local government website can help you with this.

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