For new restaurants setting up and opening their doors to the public for the first time, there are what seem like a million factors to consider to ensure the business gets off to a great start. Restaurants that use top ingredients, employ top chefs, are in a good location and which are marketed properly, rarely fail.

Ensuring success as a new restaurant involves giving each of the above criteria careful thought and consideration. It is impossible to overplay the importance of positive first impressions when opening any new business, but especially when opening a restaurant or catering company.

The phrase ‘once bitten twice shy’ is most definitely true to the food industry. There are places you will never return to due to just one bad experience. It can be a bank-breaker if you don’t give the first year or two the attention it requires.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true for restaurateurs. Customers will flock back to a restaurant where they feel valued, that sells top quality food with top-quality ingredients, and which caters to their expectations.

Important Factors to Consider When Opening a New Restaurant

  • Ingredients Sourcing – buying the best natural ingredients from established companies such as Bisley International could help provide your business with the supply chain you need to get your business up and running. It is important to conduct adequate market research for the type of ingredients you intend to purchase.
  • Staff – spending the time required to find a chef who is skilled in and passionate about the type of food you plan to sell is of vital importance. Whether your food is international, Chinese, Thai, European, American, or a mix of everything, finding a chef that can relate to your vision can help to make your dream a reality. Sharing your vision with your head chef is also of great importance. Many chefs are highly creative people who yearn to create exciting dishes that will keep customers coming back again and again.
  • Marketing – Establishing and maintaining a social media presence can drastically increase your customer base. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter along with local advertising solutions can be a great way to become exposed to new customers.

From sourcing raw ingredients to creating your own hashtag, there’s a bunch to consider when opening a new restaurant. Arguably the most important factor is hard work and a touch of luck.

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