Jan-Pro cleaning teams deliver measurable results for a variety of industries. They focus on bacterial hotspots and transfer points to keep workplaces clean and healthy, reducing the spread of contagious germs.

Invest in this recession-resistant business and enjoy the benefits of working at your own pace. You can also rely on Jan-Pro to provide the training, client accounts, marketing support, and starting equipment you need to succeed.

Be Your Boss

If you want to be your boss and want to work in an industry that will continue to thrive, then the Jan-Pro franchise opportunity is for you. This franchise business offers janitorial and cleaning services to businesses and commercial buildings. You can choose to work part-time or full-time, and you’ll be able to earn a good income.

Jan-Pro franchises have a high success rate and offer an exceptional business model. The company has a dedicated team of franchise development managers and support staff that provide coaching and guidance to unit franchisees. They also offer comprehensive training and ongoing support.

With Jan-Pro, you can control your growth potential and set revenue goals. You can start small with a few clients and scale up as you grow. This way, you’ll be able to achieve your financial goals without sacrificing quality time with your family. You can also hire an experienced sales team to help you find new customers.

Make an Impact in Your Community

As a Jan-Pro franchise owner, you’ll join a network serving clients in various industries. The company offers custom-tailored cleaning plans for medical and dental offices, warehouses, manufacturing centers, managed properties, banks, and more. They also provide cleaning services to schools and universities, daycares, and fitness centers.

Jan-Pro’s cleaning methods are environmentally friendly and focused on preventing the spread of contagious germs in workplaces. Their local cleaning teams use disinfectants similar to those used in hospitals and HEPA-quality vacuums that are proven to reduce bacteria levels. They also use color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to prevent the transfer of germs from one area to another.

JAN-PRO has a proven business model and support systems that help franchise owners succeed. You can start small by working with a few clients and then scale your business to reach your financial goals. In addition, you’ll enjoy a flexible schedule that allows you to spend more time with your family.

Earn a Good Income

A franchise business can give you a steady stream of income. This is better than putting your tax refund into savings or investing in the stock market. In addition, a franchising opportunity is more likely to pay off faster than many other investments.

Franchisees can set their revenue potential as they scale their businesses based on the number and size of clients they acquire. They also enjoy full support and training from the company’s franchise development team, including a five-course certification program.

Unlike other franchises, Jan-Pro offers low start-up costs and low overhead. This makes it an ideal option for aspiring entrepreneurs. Moreover, the company’s extensive network of franchise locations provides its owners with local and national support. Additionally, the company’s financial management systems make monitoring and managing expenses more manageable. Furthermore, the company offers in-house financing for qualifying franchisees. This helps them minimize their initial investment capital and reduce their risk of failure.

Get Started Today

Jan Pro is a great franchise opportunity for people looking to enter the business world and achieve financial freedom. It is an industry that is unaffected by economic fluctuations, and it offers flexibility that allows you to set your schedule. The company also provides step-by-step guidance through training workshops and seminars.

The janitorial cleaning industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. It is recession-resistant and provides a high-profit margin. Jan Pro has a proven business model and a robust support system that will help you become successful. Its units are well-trained and offer quality services to clients.

If you want a franchise opportunity, consider becoming a Jan Pro regional developer. This business model is ideal for seasoned executives leveraging their management and leadership skills in the franchise industry. This executive model also requires a lower initial investment than many other franchise opportunities Ohio.

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