Man or woman, some people develop during their existence, a totally excessive passion for shoes. And on a daily basis, finding a place for each pair is a challenge. How to store your shoes when you don’t have room? What are the tips for storing your shoes? From the cupboard under the stairs to the piece of furniture made with a wooden pallet, discover all our ideas for putting order in a clever way, good reading. Here are the shoe storage ideas and tips for you.

This frenzy around the shoe has become far too pervasive? Bathroom, bedroom, hallway, entrance, living room, etc., you find your shoes in every corner of the house and disorder always settles too quickly. But one thing is certain, getting rid of your precious pairs of sneakers, moccasins, pumps, boots and espadrilles is out of the question. To remedy this, we have found 6 brilliant tips for storing your shoes efficiently.

No longer let your shoe craze takes over in every room of your home. Solutions to make your daily life easier, sometimes inexpensive or to do yourself abound on the internet.

  1. PVC tubes: original and economical storage

For Sunday DIY enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts, here is a simple and original solution to make your own shoe storage. These PVC tubes are available in your usual DIY stores at a lower cost. A few saws and brushes later, the result is fabulous.

  1. Hide your shoes under the stairs: optimize the space

An ideal layout to save space and optimize small spaces in the house, giant shelves, cupboards or drawers , if you have an empty staircase in your house, give free rein to your imagination and store your prettiest shoes out of sight.

  1. Recycle plastic bottles: an ecological shoe rack

No need to get rid of your plastic bottles. In a recycling and DIY approach, cut the top of the bottle with a cutter and put your best sneakers on it. Vertical or horizontal, your pairs of shoes will be easy to find thanks to this system.

  1. Shelves to display your most beautiful shoes

Pair your most beautiful shoes with your interior decoration like in a bedroom, a corridor or a dressing room. You just need to have a wall panel available and choose pretty shelves to fix them from floor to ceiling. They are the perfect shelves for creating wall storage.

  1. Boxes with photos: find your shoes easily

You will no longer have excuses for arriving late for work on the pretext that you did not find the pair of shoes you had in mind. With this tip, it’s impossible not to spot yourself in the middle of your wardrobe. Just get into the habit of keeping your shoe boxes, take a photo, stick the picture on the box and voila.

  1. Make a shoe cabinet with wooden pallets

We can never repeat it enough, everything (or almost) is achievable with wooden pallets. These adorable shoe cabinets are proof of that. Store your shoes while decorating your interior in a rustic and ultra-trendy style.

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