Most people want to be good neighbors. After all, you will likely have to interact continually with those around you, and you want those meetings to be civil. Property disputes or concerns may be one of the overriding issues with which landowners have to contend. As a responsible homeowner, you should want to preserve both boundaries and harmony. You can do your part by taking these neighborly steps.

Obtain a Survey

When you bought your home, you or your title company likely requested a land survey to be performed. If you can not locate yours, consider having a survey company provide an updated one sot that your impressions of where your land begins and ends matches the reality of your home’s deed. That piece of paper can form a basis for resolving boundary questions objectively.

Shape Up Your Property

You have to account for whatever rests on your property; if you park your motorcycles and several cars along your perimeter, the site can become an eyesore. That rule applies to other items, as well. For example, if your land fronts a rusting heating oil tank, the container is not only unsightly, but any leaks can run into your neighbor’s lawn. Build enclosed spaces for your vehicles or contract oil tank removal Westchester County NY for these kinds of concerns.

Consider Physical Barriers

As the saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. You should put some thought into how you want to designate boundaries; if you have children or dogs, a fence becomes is a practical way to keep them where they belong. Otherwise, you could consider natural barriers such as shrubs or flowers. If you and your neighbor think building a fence is necessary to enhance privacy, be prepared to discuss cost-sharing.


In fact, discussing any concerns early will prevent them from becoming larger issues. Trees can challenge the patience of any two neighbors under the best of circumstances, for example. Perhaps your tree’s limbs are hanging over the other property. Offer to cut the branches; otherwise, your neighbors might just take matters into their own hands and butcher the tree beyond saving. If there is a shared driveway between you, formalize an agreement about maintaining, which will be another area where you share costs.

Ideally, the families in homes side-by-side can maintain cordial relations year around. By practicing good property etiquette and addressing any issues that do arise, you can ensure you stay on speaking terms with everyone on your block.

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