With brand mattress, the need to buy its protectors becomes mandatory as no one wants to spoil their precious mattress or reduce its lifespan. Hence, If you don’t know a lot about mattress protectors, here are few things that you can opt for.

Here are the types:

Classified as the fabric:

  • Cotton – Covers are quite soft, eco friendly, moisture absorbent, budget friendly, easily washable and good for evading skin allergic triggering elements. The covers remain cool even in hot days, thus provide great comfort to rest soundly.
  • Polyester – They are easy to clean, cost effective, dry and highly durable. However, not suitable to use in hot climatic conditions and doesn’t soak moisture even though the fabric dries fast.
  • Tencel Lyocell – Most popular fabric for its beneficial qualities like its natural hypoallergenic, moisture absorption, smooth texture, anti fungal and provides coolness.

  • Velour fabric – The touch and the knitted fiber of the fabric is just like velvet or satin fabric. It is quite stylish suitable to be used in chill climate as it retains warmth. It may be woven or knitted fabric, nicely stretches and extremely soft to touch. The pad material provides full comfort in cold days and night when you sleep on it.
  • Bamboo – The most comfortable, eco friendliest, anti germ fiber and quite durable to be used for many years. Even sensitive sleepers feel its comfort is par excellent.

Materials that are waterproof:

  • Polyurethane material – They act as waterproof barrier and have tiniest pores to let air pass through, hence there won’t be any problem to fall asleep over it comfortably. There are no chances of pests or dust mites inhabiting the mattress or its cover.
  • Vinyl – They are commonly known as plastic pad, highly water resistant and good to use in homes where there are chances of dust and bugs seeping in and spoiling the mattress. Mostly this kind of pads is preferred when you want to shield mattress that won’t be used for few months.

You can buy zipped protector, fitted covers or quilted pads for your mattress from reliable online sources like mattress360.net. The site has various kinds of mattress covers that is suitable for your use at affordable price. Their customer services will help in choosing the best, just need to give details about your mattress and the covers will be shipped out without delay. You can even buy customized mattress covers with ease, Enjoy shopping for your mattress covers armed with the above information.

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