Boys and girls of all ages love trains, so what better what to celebrate a birthday than with a train-themed party? Chug on into the next year with these awesome party ideas that celebrate all things locomotive.

Train Ticket Invites

A party invite that looks like an official ticket is a great way to kick off your train-themed party. You can use sites like Etsy to buy a template or you can get creative and make your own. To really sell the ticket, have the birthday child or an adult dressed as a conductor punch the tickets when the guests arrive.

DIY Train Yards

You will definitely want to set the scene for when your party guests arrive. You may not be able to recreate turnouts, railroad yard air systems, or crossovers, but using some black gaffa tape and homemade crossing and stop signs, you can have your yard looking sharp. You can have the kids ride their bikes along these tracks during the party. You can carry this same look indoors with black crepe paper on the tables.

Playing Dress Up

It would be ideal for your guests to arrive dressing the part. They could come as conductors, yard workers, or passengers from the golden years of travel. Conductor hats and red bandanas would make great take-home favors for your guests.

Food Trains

Top off your train theme with a cupcake train that uses custom-made themed holders. You can also use makeshift train carriages constructed from boxes and cardboard wheels to hold chips, sandwiches, or other food items. Tinfoil take-home containers can create the same look and hold foods like fruit or jello. If you have the time to give a little extra flair, use cookie cutters to shape both cookies and sandwiches.

Games and More

You can entertain the guests at your party with games or train crafts. A twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” you could print and cutout stop signs or railroad crossing markers and play “Pin the Sign on the Train Yard.” As another game, take a large box and decorate it like a coal oven. Use black paper wads for “Toss the Coal Into the Stove.” For a craft idea, have party guests decorate train cutouts for a take-home favor.

Throwing your child a train-themed birthday party is sure to create some great memories. Get creative and let your mind wander down the tracks.

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