If you are the head of a growing family, the chances are living space is at a premium and you come to the crossroads that many homeowners meet; to sell up and buy a bigger house or extend. There are a number of factors to consider when making such a decision; the size of your plot, whether you like the area and a few others.

Extending your property

When looking at renovations and granny flat construction, you need to calculate how much area you have to build on and if your plot is big enough for either an extension or stand-alone modular unit, extending your living space is doable and this will be cheaper than selling up and relocating, which involves a lot of expense. If you like the area, why move? Talk to a local builder with granny flat experience and you can examine design options; whether you choose a single storey or a double depends on how much extra living space you need.

Knockdown & rebuild

You might prefer to stay where you are and demolish the structure and build your dream home; there are builders that specialise in knockdown & rebuilds and they would be happy to quote for the project. If you do decide to go ahead, you will need to rent accommodation for about 6 months, until the new property is ready for occupation. A single company can handle the entire operation and you get to design your dream home, which will be a great long-term investment.

Modular structures

Many homeowners opt for extra living space made from old sea containers or a structure that comes in kit form; you only need a concrete base and utility connections. There are advantages to stand-alone structures, perfect for a home office or a place for the kids to practice their drums!


Perhaps you have outgrown the area as well as living space, and would rather relocate to a larger property. This will be a costly solution but perhaps the best way forward if your plot of land is small; calculate the costs involved and work out your budget for a new home and if it is doable, start looking at properties.

So, there you have it; there are a lot of aspects to consider when looking to increase your living space and with careful thought, you will make the right decision and move on to the next chapter of your life.

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