Deer can wreak havoc on your garden plants. In fact, they will girdle trees by stripping the bark from the trunk, damaging the plants’ health. When installing a deer-proof garden, you want to ensure it is high enough to prevent the animals from jumping over and visible enough to overcome their poor depth perception. Building a deer-proof fence might be your best option, especially if repellents don’t work.

Important Rules to Keep in Mind when Building Deer Fences

Attractive deer-proof fencing takes plenty of materials and contractor knowledge. Simple deer mesh or single-strand electric fences are easy to control options. Electric fences with several lines and 8-10-foot tall wooden deer fences are better options for high populations; however, they are costly and time-consuming. When choosing fencing options, you must go for one that works and does not break your bank.

Wire lines and deer netting can be lower; however, netting must be tilted to prevent the animal from barrelling through the material. Deer tends to go round or under an obstacle. Before you start building a fence, observe the behavior of the animal first to see if they sneak around items or are jumpers. This way, you can decide whether to invest in electric, netting, or permanent wood or wire.

Basic Designs for Deer Fences

When you start searching deer fences, you will find single-strand electric fences which are easy to erect. This option is useful if deer populations are low. As you run the strand thirty inches off the ground, mark the fence at intervals with bright tape.

Moreover, deer netting for fruit trees is one of the most common fencing designs used by property owners. Use streamers for warning deer of the presence of the fence and keeping them from running through. Also, wire fencing is an option and must be installed on sturdy metal posts and a certain height that will prevent jumping.

Building a Lasting Fence

For high deer populations, use multiple electric wires at 10, 20, and 30 inches from the ground. If deer are particularly sneaky, consider using 2 electric fences. Ensure the inner fence is set at 50 inches from the ground and an outer perimeter 38 inches from the inner set at 15 and 43 inches.

If you opt for a wood fence, it has to be at least 8 feet high. Make sure the fence does not allow deer to see the other side, thus, it has to be tight.

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