Ventilation systems are common on roofs. Many homeowners are familiar with the vents or attic fans that can be found on shingle roofs. To turn the rotating blades fast enough for warm air to escape the home, these ventilation systems use a little power. Homeowners can now reduce their power consumption by using solar energy to cool the home.

How Solar-Powered Ventilation Systems Works

Solar-powered systems capture the sun’s rays, convert them into electricity and then store the energy. A small photovoltaic panel is used to collect the sun’s rays. It is placed in an area with maximum sunlight exposure. The functional part of electric ventilation is created when photons strike the panel.

Florida roofing companies have noticed additional cooling benefits than traditional roof ventilation fans. The solar-powered systems can be used to boost cooling efforts of your HVAC system. Because the cooling system’s energy source is outside the home, it does not contribute to heat and energy buildup. This allows the cooling system to extract warm air before the HVAC system does the bulk of its work.

The Systems in Parts

* 5-bladed aluminum fan* Aluminum structure with stainless-steel brackets and attachments

* Solar Panel with reinforced and enhanced glass

* A 10-year warranty

What makes solar ventilation systems better?

Hot air can cause heat damage to the air conditioner unit if it is not allowed out of the house. This can cause problems with the indoor air quality, temperature, humidity, as well as the longevity of the materials. In Florida, many homes experience one or two rooms that are warmer than the rest of their house, particularly in summer. Failing ventilation is often the problem. A solar-powered system could circulate airflow throughout your home, even though it may be the most powerful. This allows cool air to flow more efficiently into the hot areas of your home.

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