The business world is competitive on so many levels, the image of a company can be derailed in many ways. One thing that potential clients will notice about your office space is how clean it is. And however unfair it may be, they will judge your business by what they see. These days it is critically important to get a good cleaning service. Here are some of the qualities of a good office cleaner.

  • Consistency: Although your clients might not notice it, the consistency, and the habits of your cleaner influence how clean your office is every day. When a cleaner does things in the same way, and puts things in the same place, day after day. Your staff will pick up on it and they will train themselves to work within the system. Knowing where the supplies are is important when something happens during office hours.
  • Details: A cleaner that makes a point of cleaning, instead of just giving the space a minimum pass, is a cleaner that is worth keeping around. It may be that they take a little longer, but if they are getting all the dirt every time, their workload will actually start to decrease as the office will stay cleaner longer.
  • Discretion: A good cleaner should be all business. They are there to clean and not start a gossip column. Just like a house cleaner, an office cleaner will be privy to some things that are not intended for public consumption. Every business has the need to keep its cards close to its chest. When hiring a cleaner, check their references for their level of professional discretion. An Internet search will help you locate the best commercial, office and industrial cleaning in Sydney. 
  • Punctuality: There is a time for cleaning and there is a time for business, and rarely do these times overlap easily. Your cleaning service should be arriving in the time frame they promise and leaving before it’s over. 
  • Personality: This might not be something you would consider to be important; cleaners are there to clean not chat. But you would be surprised how much better your office situation will be when the good-natured cleaning person comes in with a smile and greets people in a pleasant way.

It is amazing how a cleaning staff can become part of the office family, especially when they are professional, pleasant, and a little bit flexible too. The main benefits are the things that your clients never get to see, like stains, litter, and dirty bathrooms.

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