If you are about to make your first real estate investment, your thoughts will invariably turn to screening, which you will need from day one. You may be a firm curtain fan, which might be due to growing up with curtains, yet we have a few good reasons to consider blinds, which have gained in popularity in Australia.

  • Bespoke Solutions – There are no off-the-shelf solutions with blinds, rather call in a company that provides made to measure blinds, curtains, shutters, awnings and take a look at their extensive catalogue. During the home visit, the representative would measure up all your windows and once you have chosen a style, the work can begin. You would typically be given an installation date within a week or two and the installation would be completed in a day.
  • Fine Shading Adjustment – The great thing about bespoke blinds is they offer a fine degree of shading adjustment; vertical blinds, for example, are very popular for this very reason – you can see outside without being visible. It is very easy to achieve the right degree of lighting with blinds, much more so than with curtains.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Aside from being very functional, blinds are attractive to the eye, with state-of-the-art opening systems that instantly respond, while made to measure blinds are a major feature of the interior. The list of styles is indeed long; vertical, Venetian, Roman and roller blinds, to name but a few of the amazing designs.
  • Easy to Clean – Blinds are a lot easier to clean than curtains; most can be cleaned with the wipe of a damp cloth, plus the surfaces do not gather dust like curtain fabric, making for an easy clean. When you dust normally, flip the duster over the blinds and don’t forget above the tracking, the only place that dust can collect.
  • Rich Colours & Patterns – The catalogue offers a wide range of plain colours, patterns and prints to ensure that every room has the right colour combinations and you can browse in the comfort of your home, looking at the supplier’s website, then make an appointment for a home visit.

As you can see, blinds have a lot going for them and with so many styles, there will be one that suits your interior and with made to measure fabrication and a professional installation, you will have the ultimate shading that will give you many years of trouble-free service.

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