A roof is often referred to as a system. If you want your roof and family to be safe and last as long as possible, there are many components that must all work together. Attic insulation is one example of these elements. If your roof leaks and water seeps into your insulation, it must be repaired or replaced. This is why insulation must be in the right amount and in good condition.

How to Insulate Your Attic

Insulation is often thought of as keeping the cold or hot out. It’s true. It also prevents moisture from entering your attic through attic insulation. The moist air in your bathrooms, laundry area, and kitchen rises. It can cause mildew and damage to your attic’s wood structure if it gets into your attic.

Insulation and ventilation work together to protect your shingles during the hot summers. Your attic is probably already hot enough that you know it. Without insulation and ventilation it will get even hotter. It can heat up to the point that your shingles will literally burn from the inside.

Insulation Is Beneficial

Your home will suffer if it doesn’t have enough insulation or if it has suffered water damage from a roof leak. Your home will stay cooler if you have the right insulation. Your HVAC system will last for longer if it is cooler. As with any mechanical part of your home, the HVAC system will wear out faster if it is running at a higher speed. We believe that the greatest benefit to your roof is its longevity and prevention of roof damage.

Do You Have A Roof Problem? We Can Help

Many homes in the area don’t have adequate attic insulation due to changes in code since late 1980’s, poor and lazy building contractors, and roof leaks. We can assist you with a roof inspection and let you know if additional or new insulation is needed.

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